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My travel writing began with a short story of an adventure to a government elephant camp in South India. From there it progressed onto a memoir of many personal travel stories from my wanderings around the world. Further short stories followed when my daughter was born – the three of us travelled around the UK in our classic Citroen 2CV for four years. These stories have been bound into book form, some of which were published in 2CVGB, a Citroen club magazine. My last literary effort involves a travelogue of a journey myself and a friend made in 2010 to Libya and back in the 2CV.



An Indian Tale
The Spirit of Citroen
Lost in France
Journey to the Centre of GB
Driving Miss Scarlet
Mulling Things Over
2CV or not 2CV? – That is the Question


Journeys of a lifetime – The Travel Memoirs of a Boy from Essex
Journey to the Centre of GB

If Allah Wills it – A Round Trip from England to Libya in a Citroen 2CV